Art and Design and Architecture Studies

Why study art and design or architecture in UK?

Richard Rogers, Peter Cook, Tom Dixon, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith are only a few of the most influential British designers and architects of our time, having earned a significant place in the world of visual culture and global design industry. At the same time other designers, non native British, such as John Galliano (born in Gibraltar), Ron Arad (born in Israel), Nipa Doshi (born in India), Sophia Kokosalaki and Mary Katrantzou (born in Greece) are some world renowned contemporary designers that have studied and established a career in the UK. In other words the UK has offered them an opportunity and has recognised them as creators worth a global reputation.

Taking a decision to study in a field such as design and architecture never comes as a last resort; as such a decision involves passion for creativity and experimentation with different concepts, media, materials and techniques. Studying in the UK is a learning opportunity in relation not only to the chosen field of study, but to also experience the new trends in photography, fashion, art, design and music that are reflected in the contemporary attitudes of society. At the same time it is an opportunity to learn how to become a professional in your chosen field, to support and promote your own ideas and learn how to overcome potential difficulties. Studies in the UK prepare you to a working environment (as part of a team or individually) within a spirit of fair competition and friendly collaboration.

Two hundred years ago British design laid the foundations for the new industrial age with pioneering thinkers, industrialists and inventors, including John Ruskin, William Morris and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is therefore no surprise that it created a strong and forward thinking educational system that always strives to find a balance between the needs of industry and humanity, but also academic research.

Design has been an evident part of the visual culture and recognised within the British educational system. The academic system supports new designers and new ideas, by organising various events such as the ‘new designers’ exhibition where graduates have the opportunity to exhibit their work and start a career within the field they have dreamt of. For this reason and for many others, studying in the UK is not a luxury but an investment in the future and in the creation of professional designers. A degree in design or architecture from a British institution can open up opportunities throughout the world due to the reputation of the British academic system for producing ideas and creators of the future.


– Show ‘you are different’ by linking creativity with your own personality through constant inspiration. – Relate design to contemporary trends and techniques. – Be ‘open-minded’ and express your creativity through experimentation with different media and techniques by also making creativity part of your everyday life. – Show efficiency and enthusiasm for constant effort and exploration of new ideas and concepts. – Be ‘visually alert’ and recognise elements of your everyday life that link with contemporary trends and design concepts. – Show you enthusiasm for the field you want to study by becoming creatively involved in a variety of subjects that represent this field.


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