Brexit – Information

UPDATE 29 May 2019

Ανακοίνωση από το Student Finance UK που επιβεβαιώνει και επίσημα τη συνέχεια και μετά το 2020 ΠΛΗΡΟΥΣ κάλυψης των διδάκτρων για όλα τα έτη των προπτυχιακών προγραμμάτων μέσω της κρατικής επιχορήγησης/δανείου για σπουδές στην Αγγλία.


Universities UK public statement

Universities UK will be working pro-actively with the UK Government to minimise the disruption caused by this decision to the UK science, research and higher education sector, and to work to secure an outcome from negotiations which ensures continued cooperation and collaboration between the UK and European Member States.

“Leaving the EU will create significant challenges for universities. Although this is not an outcome that we wished or campaigned for, we respect the decision of the UK electorate. We should remember that leaving the EU will not happen overnight – there will be a gradual exit process with significant opportunities to seek assurances and influence future policy.

“Throughout the transition period our focus will be on securing support that allows our universities to continue to be global in their outlook, internationally networked and an attractive destination for talented people from across Europe. These features are central to ensuring that British universities continue to be the best in the world.

“Our first priority will be to convince the UK Government to takes steps to ensure that staff and students from EU countries can continue to work and study at British universities and to promote the UK as a welcoming destination for the brightest and best minds. They make a powerful contribution to university research and teaching and have a positive impact on the British economy and society. We will also prioritise securing opportunities for our researchers and students to access vital pan-European programmes and build new global networks.”